Chasing coolant leaks

Ive got a couple of minor coolant from the upper radiator hoses and am thinking of using some kind of sealant. Any suggestions?

Is this from the hose itself, or where they clamp on?

If the hoses themselves are leaking, then I would just replace the hoses: if it’s where the clamps go on, they need to be snugged up a little bit. If that doesn’t work, then perhaps the aluminum nipple is too corroded to Provide a good seal. That can kind of be good old boyed with some JB Weld.

Hi Pete, just pressurize your system with a coolant pump and watch where the leaks drain.

Try a second hose clamp next to the first but clocked 180 degrees.

The aluminum corrodes under the hoses. Remove the hoses and thoroughly clean the aluminum nipple. Then you can reassemble with new hoses and a little sealer of your choice on the aluminum nipple.

One of my cars is coming up on 35 years with a JB Weld ‘repair’ of a corroded thermostat housing. The upper hose has been replaced a couple of times, but the housing is still leak free.

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The new hoses aren’t very good they require tight clamping to stop leaks just go around and tighten the leakers a little then test and repeat if necessary also the Cheney clamps need to be the right size to seal well failing this , as above

All good suggestions …thanks…but what Im interested in is using an actual sealant on the nipple portion

I think im going to try some of that stretchable sealant tape…but not on the hose…rather on the nipple as a flexible base …

Apply a light coat of Indian Head Gasket Shellac on the inside of the hose and the same to whatever the hose slides onto. Tighten the clamp and let it sit overnight before filling.

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True. After replacing the hoses on my Jag I had leaks galore. The Cheney clamps were ovalized and squeezing the hose unevenly causing the leaks. I believe it was caused by the replacement hoses having a smaller OD.
I purchased Jubilee clamps from SNG and problem solved.

I got this solved with a new hose and clamp…go for the obvious…