Checking Transmission Fluid on 2003 S-Type?

Hey all, so I’ve been searching for hours for an answer but can’t seem to find it; then I stumbled upon this sub.

I have a 2003 S-Type and was looking to check the transmission fluid but can’t seem to figure it out at all, there’s no dipstick for it and I can’t even find where I would add more fluid if needed. There isn’t anything noticeable wrong with the car, I was just trying to check everything I could before anything does go wrong.

Thanks in advance for any help!

There is no dipstick. The transmission is a “sealed for life unit”.

Basically it’s a PITA to deal with. I believe the common recommendation is to do a full change at 100k, which is the pan and all gaskets making sure you get quantities correct based on temperature (if I recall correctly).

I’d suggest the Modern S-Type forum here or on another forum. It’s very well documented.

Click on this link for the whole procedure.

All 6HP26 gearboxes are serviced the same way. It does not matter if you look at servicing X350, X202, X100 with the 4.2 liter engine etc.

Recommendations include replacing the fluid/filter at least every 10 years.
I would also suggest you loosen the fill/level plug at the right rear of the gearbox before draining/checking the level. If you cannot add fluid due to a stuck/stripped level plug, you won’t be getting more fluid in the box!!!

Some people have drained the fluid only to have a major problem with removing the filler/level plug. (don’t be that guy!!)