Chevy motor Mounts. Need help

What’s up familia lumps!
Im in need of advise and direction.
I want to replace the motor mounts (the Chevy side not the Jaguar adapter), turns out that no local store has anything like it or anything that I could use. Any ideas or advise?

Is there not any sort of a part number on the engine side? If you look at the universal kits that Speedway and others sell, they are this style, but different dimensions. I am thinking the piece that bolts to the engine has to be OEM from somewhere. Hence the question about the part number, have you looked under all the grime, etc.?

I will look for a parts number, I just found out that my adapters came from johns cars by a thread on Jaguar forums. When I contacted johns cars he was asking for a vin number in order to give info on the mounts.

rodger mabry, past poster and lumper traced the orgin of these mounts. They are provided in the Hohgns kit. In past years, john has been reluctant to sell the parts to replace failed ones to anyone other than the origininal buyer of the kit. he may have relented. but, seeing the VIN seems a way of getting the Id of his original customer.

Roger has since passed. but, his posts should br in thre J-L archives.

They incorporate Mpar parts.

A knowledgreable Mopar partsman, if one stillexiss, might well ID them.


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I did read his posts, sad to hear that he passed away, however he left us a lot of information! He was very active on Sanchez post! I also contacted Sanchez and he did get back to me! He is going to help me out.

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