Christmas list time. What's on yours?

Realistic stuff here, fellas. No showing off.

NOTHING. I buy whatever I want when I need it. I don’t have to ask anybo…nuts…SWMBO just walked in, so…

A straw judge’s hat
Two, 2 post lifts
Another tool cabinet on wheels
A better TIG
Welding lessons
8 car garage with four, 2 post lifts
Four more 2 posters
My own washing machine
A new F-Type roadster

I think I’ll be getting the hat.


A new old stock XK120 reversing/ number plate light, 3 TW Superslim “British Made” AF spanners.

Craigslist: there’s zillions on there!

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Long underwear and socks

I’m at a point, been there for at least 35 years, where Christmas and other gift giving Holidays are more a nuisance than anything else. Buying things people don’t really want or care about is a real drag. I make metal sculptures for my wife, she buys me requested essentials. That’s about it.

I would like it if someone made me some craft objects though, I’ll buy my own junk.

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Don’t know that I’ll get it done, in the time left at this hose, of a dinosaur, made primarily from old steel wheels.

They often don’t give away old junk wheels, anymore!

My inspiration…

I’ll have to forego the Model T oil pan head for standard, newer pans.


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