Chrome 120 top frame

Is the chrome top frame from a '51 rd. the same as the later 120’s and 140? I know the top material is different, but unsure if the metal bows are the same.
Thanks, Phil.

No. The length of the bows are different due to there being short and long hoods (as evidenced by the placement of the chrome tear drops on the car body).


I knew the top lengths were different, but wondered if the frames changed.


Not quite that simple.
At least 4 different frames 120
Alloy chrome plated different clips frame itself has different shape than early steel
Early steel chrome plated short type
middle steel chrome plated long type
Late 120 different type of steel profile use with rounded edges earlier steel has sharp square edges frame is paint grey
Then there are various version of fabric top

My frame is painted (March '53). Can I assume it’s got the long hood. Don’t laugh, til you see one or the other it really is hard to tell which you were holding when it drops on your toe as you remove it from the boot.

I assume there’s a measurement for the buttons on the rear body…?