Chrome. No rush..... really

16 to 18 weeks seems to be the average now (USA).

Also, has Knox in TN closed? URL seems dead.

Try these folks: I’ll help out, if ya want.

Quality Plating

199 W 9th Ave, Yuma, CO 80759
(970) 848-2065

For small parts try Courtesy Metal Polishing in Chicago (no affiliation just a satisfied customer). Nice quality and fast turn around.

Some of the best guys in the UK are now 6-8 months. Not many left…

I am another satisfied past customer of Courtesy in Villa Park IL.
This time I’m trying a guy also called Quality but he is in Sterling IL.
He will have my '38 SS bumpers for about 16 weeks, said he had 30 bumpers ahead of me plus his other work.
I kinda worry about leaving my precious parts at these one man shops, but I have a photo record just in case.