Chrome plating source?

Any one else had chrome done and was happy with the work???
I did get one reply that suggested Odgen Chrome in Utah. I texted with them and they are all about top line show and custom work and priced accordingly. I’m sure they are worth the price if you are going to show your car at concours type events. I’m building the car as a driver, but a frame off rotisserie no part untouched build all the same. Odgen is about 8 months out which kind of puts me behind my anticipated schedule. I’m going to photo all the parts as they are all off and ready to ship and get a budget from Odgen but think they may be “overkill” for a non show car. I’m going with new wires as I know that that’s both cost and upgrade a better way.

Quality Plating in Sterling Illinois. This is a one-man shop.
I took my '38 SS grille to him last week. The cost will be $500 for the shell and $1125 for all 20 of the grille parts. That includes straightening work on all 15 grill slats. I’ll see it again in 4 months.
The grille is a very visible and important part of the presentation of the car. He’s done other parts for me, always excellent. So I think it is wise to pay well for good workmanship.
I’m glad I chose to drive there, 160 miles, rather than trust my precious parts to UPS. When I arrived he had just finished an argument with UPS about a lost package, Jaguar parts in fact, that he had sent to Los Angeles, but they mistakenly went to San Diego and then Tijuana Mexico. UPS is not even going to try to get them back, just pay the $100 insurance, on parts worth $300.
I think these guys in little one-man shops must go entire weeks without seeing anyone. He was very chatty, told me about several other packages with UPS either broken open, damaged or delivered to the wrong address. A $1400 Chevelle grille packed carefully in foam, yet it arrived broken. FedEx is no better; one job with 8 parts he sent to the customer, but only 6 parts arrived, yet the package was still taped up. Another time his customer received just an empty box, no idea where the parts went.
And I thought the US postal service was bad. I thought the pro’s were better; I guess not.
So I’ll be driving there again in 4 months to pick it all up.
It’s a nice drive through the country. Farmers were out harvesting their feed corn. The thing about chrome…you want it to last…onetime…done…and shiny deep chrome, is shiny deep chrome…do you want to look at it for years and see that it is not what it could be. Chrome plating is costly now…and rare…due to all the environmental restrictions. If the steps are not all done perfectly, it comes out bad, and won’t last.
Use what the show car people use…Shiny deep chrome that lasts…is what you get.

Thanks for the referral. I’m waiting on a couple of places to call back but it seems that less and less places are doing chrome for individual customers, more money less bother with commercial orders.
I am hoping to find something in Nevada as I would drive the parts there and pick them up when done. I have had bad experience with both LTL trucking and UPS/FedX type shipping. It’s all about “move it now” and no care about what’s inside.