Chrome Rims - Fittin to Dump

(Mark M ) #1

My 69 Coupe sat, covered very well, for 35 years. However, not to anyone’s surprise, the original spoked rims are toast! They are not as bad as I would have expected, but could never be salvaged. Is there any reason to save them or should they just be tossed?

Murrieta, Ca.

(Paul Wigton) #2

Toss’em: better ones, with stainless spokes, are available, and likely less money than trying to restore the old ones.

Keep the hubs, useful as supporting points, wheels off, and a way to NOT ruin good clothes with that yucky grease!

(69 FHC ) #3

One use is to put junk tires on them and put the car on them when it goes to the paint shop. Other than that, take them to the recycler

(Mark M ) #4

As I thought. Thanks for the comments.

As a side note, when I started my restoration about 4 years ago, I uncovered it, pumped up the inner tubes and all four are still at 32 lbs; although they are not on the car, but stacked in a storage unit!!

Murrieta, Ca.

(Jerry Mills) #5

They make good yard art and hose reels.

(Pascal G) #6

New Dayton’s are sealed to allow tubeless tires. That alone is a reason to upgrade.

Put the old ones on eBay they maybe worth something to someone.

(Nick 53 XK120 OTS) #7

decorations.,someone will want em,Free to You ad.,set em out at next car event, spare tire wheel,who knows

(Ole Würtz) #8

I have five of them. One is ok as a spare, but mind you, the tires are all ~20 years old.
Out of the remaining 4, 2 are in good condition albeit with rotten tires on them that miraculously still hold pressure. Guess what, no one wants them.
Here aremy thoughts.
One will be set aside as an original spare wheel.
Garden art is considered as an option as well for the remaining, but I also thought about using one of the hubs and a modern donut spare wheel to make a low weight spare tire.
Just a thought …

(Roger Benjamin) #9

I keep a set of 4 old tires /rims to mount when I remove my good wheels for mounting new tires, would never bring the car itself in to have the tires changed,

(Bill Bilotti 1966 S1 OTS (in boxes)) #10

good idea…and 20…

(Ole Würtz) #11

Never have, never will

(69 FHC ) #12

The shop I use allows me to use their floor jack to jack up the car and remove and then reinstall the knockoff and wheel for them. They just roll the wheel/tire over to the proper machine and perform their magic.