Chrome shop in So California?

(Brian Mix) #1

I’m in the OC. Met a guy rep-ing RPW in WI. saying they know E-Types and I should just ship all my chrome to him. Very convincing guy but I’d much rather drive it someplace.I know many chrome shops are legislated out of business here, and others ship the work to Mexico without telling the buyer.

So, I’m looking for a local-ish shop the does it’s own work that knows these cars.

Is that asking too much?
'64 S1 3.8 FHC

(Ben E) #2

I was very happy with Escondido Plating a few years ago, when they did some bumpers for me.

More recently, I restored a vintage stove, and the specialist who supplied me with some of the parts told me he’s tried every chrome shop in the region, and Escondido Plating is the only shop he uses.

(Ed Overmyer) #3

Tapia Metal Polishing in Hawthorne was highly recommended and did the chrome on my '64 S1 FHC concours restoration last year. I know they have done many other high level concours E-Types in house as well.
I’m very happy with their results.

(PeteWilletts) #4

Use Shillings metal polishing in Santa ana…first rate

(Brian Mix) #5

Hi Pete,
Do you have personal experience. I like this co cause they are 10 min away.

(PeteWilletts) #6

They did all my chrome…just drop by and you can see what they do…talk with Elaina …or Charlie the owner .

(PeteWilletts) #7

FYI>>>They moved recently…you can come by and see mine if you like…in Dana point

(Larry velk) #8

If by “WI” you mean Wisconsin, it may be the guy in Brillion, Wisconsin. They did my chrome, which was minimal, as I didn’t do all of it. Very good job, not cheap. He seems to be really a Harley cycle specialist - those guys are very picky.
I delivered my stuff, but it seems he works mostly by shipping the stuff to him.

(Roger Mabry) #9

I used Cal-Tron Plating in Santa Fe Springs (562-945-1181) for my S1 Jag stuff… they did my bumpers, and a lot of small stuff. Did a great job at a fair price in two weeks.