Chrome sills on 1969 XKE

Do I install the chrome sills before the rubber door trim?

If you’re referring to the long chrome finishers that attach to the lip of the seal channel in the sill then yes, it goes on before the seal is glued in place. Installing that piece can be tricky. For a good fit there needs to be no foam along the edge of the sill, that is the thin 1/8” foam that covers the top of the inner sill must be trimmed 3/8” or so from the edge so the fold-over of the vinyl isn’t too thick to take the chrome finisher clips. If you’re referring to the chrome finishers on top of the doors, they go on last, after attaching the window seals to them.


I followed Nick’s technique, if you blow up this image you can see the underlying foam is trimmed short of the chrome finisher. I used a long block of softwood and a mallet to send the clips home. As Nick said it can be very tricky to get them all lined up.

I slid the clips into the chrome channel and marked their location with a piece of masking tape. Then I placed the channel against the lip and gently tapped the areas marked with the masking tape with a rubber mallet to prevent kinks. Also, to prevent kinks, don’t drive one side all the way but try to advance it evenly.

Thank you. I am waiting to get the sill covering from the UK, but I do have the rubber trim. So I will wait until I put in the sill covers and chrome strips before I put in the rubber trim. Any suggestions on these? The body shop made a terrible mess replacing them after a re-paint, and I had to take them out and order new ones from Moss.