Chrome surround trim for side curtains XK 120 late

Does anybody know whether the chrome trim (that holds the Plexiglass windows for the later XK 120 in my case) is sold separately?
The frames, plexiglass and even a complete “side curtain” can be ordered (at a price…). But all I need is the chrome trim for Window BD.5851 (to be more specific).

Somebody must be making these as they are used/supplied on the complete Side Curtains BD.5853 & 54 that can still be ordered.

Bob K…

I get them made here in OZ but they are not the U shape as per original I make them as an L shape so the front and side lip are covered effectively you cant tell the difference.
We start with say 1 inch wide strip orf brass and have a lazer cut panel that they are fitted around with a shibnking tool.
There are 3 types early 120 most XK120’s and XK140


Thanks! Will first have another look at who manufactures these in Europe. If nothing comes out, I will contact you by PM.

Bob K.