Cigar lighter socket

anyone else have a problem with their cigar lighter socket? My air compressor (spare tire!) won’t work, but no problem with Garmin GPS or radar detector plugs??

That’s weird. I’ve only had to use the pump once, but it worked fine then. Could it be your pump that has a problem, instead of the socket?

I know. The original pump worked fine when I had my first (and only) blow out. Then a few weeks ago, I was at the track and had to adjust my tire pressures. A fellow F-Type owner came to visit, and we tried his pump, but no luck. I tried my again, and no luck with it either. Strange thing is that my radar and Dashcam work ok. Phone battery charger, not?? I ‘ve find myself with not much on the schedule today, so will make time to tinker in the garage and see if I can’t find out what’s going on.

It almost sounds as if the socket isn’t delivering enough juice. Did you check the voltage in the socket? Preferably with the engine running. If I recall correctly, it should be no higher than 13.8V, and no lower than 12V.

Just did a quick check, and found that I can now get my compressor working in the dashboard socket if I hold it just right. But now nothing works in the cigar socket next to the USB port under the arm support compartment. Time to get the ohmmeter and manual out to see what I can find.

Ouch. And don’t forget to check the fuses …

Ok, it looks to be a blown 20A fuse located in the passenger side fuse box. But, it also seems both cigar lighter sockets are very sensitive when I plug in my electronic devices. I also found a unique tool in the fuse box cover that I have no idea what it is used for??

Sorry, I can’t help you there. I’ve never had to open the cover (knock on wood).

The compressors supplied by mfgs. are very poor quality. I think the jag one takes 10 minutes to inflate. The one that came with my Ram van and Alfa require 20 minutes to inflate. I have replaced them with the metal version of compressor from Harbor Freight and a can of sealant. Some of the lighter sockets have a built in fuse that can be replaced.

I agree regarding quality of compressors, but not bad for their size. FYI: The one supplied with my F-Type is also supplied in Volvos.
Not sure which HF compressor you got, but fairly sure it won’t fit the same area as the little Jag/Volvo unit. Keep in mind that when I go to the track in Monterey, I barely have enough room for my carry-on luggage and a couple of folding chairs in the boot of my convertible. Besides, I only need to raise or lower the tire pressures at the track by approx 5-10 psi.
FYI: The cigar socket fuses in my F-Type are located in the passenger side fuse box. My fuse puller didn’t fit, so now have small needle-nose pliers in glove compartment.

You get a couple of folding chairs in there? I’m impressed!

Yes, and when the wife joins me, chairs come out, and I can get enough luggage for 5 days on the road, AND a case of wine in the boot. Anything over 5 days, then the luggage rack is deployed.
Also, I can fit my golf clubs in the boot when I’m not headed to the track. I can also fit my golfing buddy’s clubs, but he has to ride with his bag between his legs to the course.
I see are in Half Moon Bay? I used to live in Montara in the '70’s. Had an XK140 roadster back then…