Circuit 2 fuse 13

in circuit 2 the thirteenth fuse blows … before it burned after a few days from its replacement, now it burns as soon as you put it down … it is that of the rear window but I also think of the petrol cap flap that does not work long ago.

What year car is it??
What is the JAGUAR fuse chart say the amps should be?
What is the Amps on the fuse that blows. Fuse should match chart, they should be the same
Is this a recent problem or has this circuit been blowing fuses since you got the car???
Any burning wire smoke anywhere or smell or does the fuse blow… instantly??

Too little information, A bit more information might help

then the car is from 1987 … the amperage is from 15 and the situation has occurred in the last 20 days … it started by blowing the fuse every now and then, I changed it and after a few days it would blow … even without using the window lifter. now it burns immediately, with the engine off as soon as I support it it burns … or alternatively if it survives the graft, it burns as soon as I press the window lifter button. the electrician on the phone suggested that the window motor may be shorted.

I add that the rear right glass also has a problem … but here the fuse does not blow, if I press the up and down buttons you can hear the click but the glass stays still, the courtesy light works … so I believe that here is the window lifter but without short circuits.