Class 18

Here are the details of Class 18 (Preservation Class) according to
the Jaguar Journal, v. 42, no. 3:

a) Proof of originality. Owners will be required to present a copy of
an Archive Report, easily obtainable from:

Jaguar Cars Archives
555 MacArthur Blvd.
Mahwah, NY 07430
(201)818-8144 (Ask for report number.)
Fee is $25 to JCNA members, $40 to others.

b) Deductions: Restored sections of a “Preservation Class” Jaguar will meet
with deductions. These deductions will be the same as the current
“non-authentic”, “missing”, “wrong”, or “incorrect” point deductions.
This procedure will also assure that only Jaguars worthy of this class
will enter it.

c) Standard Judging: The Jaguar shall be judged as all other Concours
entries, taht is, on the basis of current condition, originality and
cleanliness. Scoring is consistent with current accepted guidelines,
rules and practices already in place.

d) Scoring Procedures: Sections on the scoresheets which are excluded
from judging should be crossed our and NO POINTS ARE TO BE DEDUCTED FOR

e) Preservation Class Championship Eligibility: Preservation class
entrants are eleigible for North American and Regional championship
competition. Champion Division Concours trophies are to be awarded
for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd under the following scoring plateaus.

f) Class constitution: ONE VEHICLE CONSTITUTES A CLASS, with trophies
presented as per scoring plateaus.

g) Normal Evaluation: The Judges will proceed with the evaluation as
usual. The words “restored” or “reconditioned” shall be synonymous
with the words “wrong”, “missing”, “incorrect”, or “non-authentic”
and cause the same numerical deductions. The word “restored” is
added to the vocabulary to apply only to this class.
Non-authentic items will be treated in the usual manner as in all
other concours classes. Entrants must initial non-original or non-authentic
There will not be any non-authentic deductions for parts that are
subject to wearing out; such as, generators, alternators, compressors,
and other mechanical parts.

h) Preservation Class Scoring Plateaus: The following scoring requirements
eliminate the troph problem in connection with a One-Jaguar-in-Class entry.
The One-Jaguar-in-Class entry may not earn the required points in order
to qualify for a first, second or third place award.
For a Jaguar in the Preservation Class to receive a:
First Place Award
– It must score 85.00 points, minimum
Second Place Award
– It must score 75.00 points, minimum
Third Place Award
– It must score 65.00 points, minimum