Classic Auto Air Conditioning in a Mk2?

Anyone that installed Classic Auto Air Conditioning in there Mk2? I see the battery gets moved to the trunk in which I already was going to do that due to my triple carb and SP head swap. I moved my wiper motor to the firewall local where the battery mounts. I may have to move it again maybe on the shelf if the AC components mount in place of the battery.

My car is nothing like original and no matching numbers so making it how I want it. AC would be nice in the summer and comfortable for my wife.

I have an E-type, S2 FHC that originally had factory A/C. I installed the kit (MANY years ago) from a company that has apparently morphed into “Classic Auto Air”. I have been pleased with the quality, which is not to say it’s perfect.

The biggest problem is the evaporator (the underdash unit). If you are looking for an unobtrusive installation, this company’s products are probably the best (maybe only) choice. If the “hot-rod” look is more your style, there are other choices.

Mine works fine, but it is noisy and doesn’t deliver a lot of cooling. I don’t think that it’s realistic to expect any of these type units to have the quiet effectiveness of factory A/C.

Bob Frisby
Boise, Idaho

Here’s what I may use.

That trunk-mounted unit is for “additional” cooling. I don’t think it was intended to be the primary unit. Will it be enough?

I’ve been looking into several units with the plan to fit it under the dash. This will require some modifications, maybe including the firewall, but I have no intention of keeping the car original.

The Old Air Hurricane may fit. Vintage Air is usually the go to supplier for aftermarket AC units. Their ComPac unit will be a tight fit, but might fit. Restomod Air make LHD and RHD units that will fit, but may be underpowered. It may come down to your fabrication ability and willingness to permanently modify.

The link I put up is what the owner of my old 420 used and he said if it was ran on high it would freeze you out. He always runs it on low. There’s no way in the world a under dash will work in my car with the other mods.

I have a MarkX/420G/Early XJ6 rear evaporator that I intended to fit as a second evaporator to my Series 1 XJ6. All of the Series 1s have a “shelf” behind the rear seat designed for this unit. I’ve heard that these original Jaguar rear evaporators would freeze you out–there were models for several saloons. If you compare these units to the fascia mounted ones you can see why. The evaporator coil is about 3X as large! Early US cars (e.g., 50’s Cadillacs) also had rear evaporators that worked well.

I’d not hesitate to use a rear evaporator–alone or with a front one–if space in the boot is available. IMHO.

My point was not about the original unit, but this one says it was " Designed to be a Rear Auxiliary" which made me wonder if it would work as a primary, but Tim cleared that up.

We had the trunk mounted unit in our 1963 3.8 MK2 and it was very effective in Texas. The rear evaporator was very large and there were two condensers up front, one in front of the radiator and another under the bumper.

Same as the mark X.

I pulled the trigger and ordered parts and kits from 3 places to make a complete setup. I will document my progress.

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