Classic Car Insurance

We are considering changing from our current insurer (Heacock/American Modern) of 4 classic cars: a Series I E, DB7, Lotus Esprit SII and an NSX.
We would appreciate recommendations on companies found to be reliable and reasonably priced. Thank you.

I have been happy with state farm. Agreed value option. But never had a claim with one of my classics…

national corvette museum insurance

I saved a lot insuring 6 cars.

Never heard a bad thing about Hagerty. We’re with State Farm, agreed value. Been hit twice in the Jag (once while parked, the second time while stopped at a light), and there was zero problem getting it fixed.

Ray L.

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I’ve been with Hagerty since I bought the car and I’m quite happy with them. I’ve had one claim for a broken windscreen (rock damage) and they were fast, friendly and fair. That’s about all you can ask, IMO.


…I have Haggerty…and have the flatbed add on , plus tools, parts etc:
the main topic with any is to have and establish the “agreed value” and how it works : so compare that. You don’t want an “agreed value” that is not really an agreed in advance value…some say that value will be determined if a loss, and at that time, …by an appraiser. Some will easily agree to a value you set in advance, …that is a bit hi…they collect more $ premium that way.

I had State Farm for 40+ years but when I finally had a (modest) claim I was hassled by the adjuster and treated rudely by the phone staff. This was on their antique and collectible endorsement.

I’ll spare you the tedious details but suffice to say that I moved all my coverages elsewhere and use Hagerty for the E-Type and other classics.

I’ll give an endorsement to Chubb Classic Car insurance. I found them to be a little cheaper than Hagerty and Chubb has an exemplary reputation for paying claims (happily I haven’t yet had to test that with any of my four collector cars).


I think many here find Hagerty attractive because they are pretty lenient regarding use of the car. Other companies may be as well, I don’t know.

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Another vote for Hagerty.

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I once asked Hagerty for a Canadian insurance card since I would be driving across the border. Since I live near the Mexican border that was also my way of giving them a heads up I would be putting some miles on the car. They sent the card (in English & French, of course) in a wallet inscribed ‘Cruise Liberally’.

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Definitely Hagerty for my Cat.

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I have American Collectors Insurance for many years never made a claim. Seems reasonable a bit cheaper than Hagerty

Hard to really judge until you’ve had claims experience with a carrier.

I did have that when my wife’s car was struck by a run-away TR that Hagerty insured:

Their attitude was basically ‘Whatever it takes to make it right’.

I went with Hagerty for the same reasons others have mentioned, and also found when I signed up online they had a link to search local brokers who represent them and it turned out my regular agent handles Hagerty too. The benefit is it made it seamless to roll it under our umbrella personal liability policy as well and link all our data, safe driving records, etc. Never have had to make a claim, but it feels better having everything tied together.

This was a big factor for me too. With my prior carrier (Condon & Skelly) I could not get an umbrella with Allstate (understandably they were not interested in writing a policy where other carriers would potentially handle the underlying coverage). It seems Allstate has an agreement with Hagerty (or Essentia actually as Hagerty is a broker) which takes care of this. Perhaps it is as simple as Essentia putting Allstate in the drivers seat for any claim settlement.

Those wild and crrrrazy TR6s…:wink:

I’ve got classic coverage through American National. Fortunately, haven’t had to make a claim on it. However, they were more liberal than many about where you can drive the car, and their prices were a fraction of Hagerty.

To all Jag people who have responded to my request recommending insurers for our 4 classics, thank you. As a result, We’ve gone with Hagerty. $2,390/year for $262,000 coverage is steep and more than 50% over American Modern through Heacock but you’ve provided enough justification that we decided to go with them.