Classic Jaguar specialist shops in Poland?

I am going to be in Poland for a few days next month and I thought perhaps there might be some Jaguar specialty shops that I might be able to visit. Anyone know of any over there? I will be near Krakow Poland.

Restoration shop or classic car sales specialist or even a good classic car museum I could visit. All suggestions welcome.

From experience, I’d stay away from Gregsons in Poland. I’ve seen quite a bit of their bodywork and don’t recommend it.

That’s exactly my location and unfortunately I have to disappoint You, as there’s no local Jaguar cult here. Internet shops fetch stuff from UK, no over the counter merchandise available. Moveover - I doubt one would find a museum with a vintage Jag in portfolio within a 100km range. There is one car/motorcycle collection in Kraków but it’s closed now (until 2025). It used to contain mostly local automobilia:
Hangar Czyżyny

As for vintage car shops - there are a few around Kraków but I doubt much to see there in stock (disclaimer: just my guess).

If You’re into mopeds - a bit south from Kraków there’s:
Moped Museum

That’s about it, I’m afraid.

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