Classic MKV Modifications - Not!

Hello all,

For those of you who live outside of Australia I wanted to share with you a tragedy which has befallen a MKV DHC - or should that be Drop Jaw Coupe?:confounded:

In this case I don’t think you could argue that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!


Wait, there’s something not quite right about it. Oh, I know, it has a Mark IX leaping cat ornament and sealed beam headlights, where an Australian car should have PF770 tri-bars. I guess they misinterpreted the words “hood ornament” and put it where the hood was. :rofl:

Poor Mark V, so often degraded, but not often DHCs; this usually happens to saloons where restoration isn’t economically viable. Or was this once a saloon? Its in Perth. Terry, do you want to check out the chassis number for us?

Ok, isn’t there some law in Australia about this kind of crime? Maybe the perpetrators should be sentenced to transportation, to southern California?

Edit: Adding picture.

Truly awful but there’s probably a market is the UAE for it…

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I dunno: it’s kinda a cool resto-rod!

My biggest gripe, is they channeled the center section one inch too low.

That said, it kinda has an Invicta feel about it, with the wings being a bit higher than the engine doghouse.

Also, it would look better with 16" wires.

Or the car , too long.!

Looking for something else for a MKV, I found another candidate for the UAE market, Ed. :wink:

Poor MKV’s, they really seem to suffer more indignity than others.:thinking::weary:

OMG. Is that from an episode of Pimp My Jag?

Some are just photoshop…

Hello Peter,

I’ve seen that car before and it’s definitely a product of photoshop. My son say that it looks like the car Cruella de Vil (that ought to be de ville) drove in 101 Dalmatians. The image of the car I posted is real, sadly.
I guess my issue remains, why are MKV’s, which were fewer in number than most models of Jaguars, disproportionately subjected to greater indignities than most other models?