Classic plate matter

Hi… friends… my jaguar is almost ready to get road soon …
But thinking about this? … can I get a classic driving plate 1967 … pros and cons … what do you think…?

Depends, where are you? And do you mean Historic plates or YOM (year of manufacture) plates?

I’ve got YOM plates on both my cars. I really like them, can’t think of any reason not to get them. In California, it’s fairly straightforward, you just have to take the plates (a matched set) to the DMV so they can verify them, fill out a form, and pay the nominal fee. The only catch is you must have a registration sticker from the same year as your car. So a 67 plate would need a 67 registration sticker

Yes …YOM…I see many in amazon … which one to choose … will they be accepted by DPS ??? oh men a little difficult decision … I would like to put some of those plates … and make it of the stamp … it is already complicated for me …

Is legally buy those plate…

get me out of my doubts … if I get those plates and take them to register them … they should give me a registration stamp for the current year … then why do I need the registration stamp you are telling me about? 67 …

call your DMV or a license/reg vendor if they have those in your state…too many variables state to state for generic answer: …most states have provisions for a classic/historical plate you get from the state, , some you can use an old plate you buy, and some of those have to be a state approved eligible to be re-assigned plate number…, but many different rules. Some…you pay once…don’t pay annual registration fees anymore…lucky me…my state is like that. Nick

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Absolutely !!! Each state will have it’s own rules and peculiarities.

Here’s an example from California:

The state began using a yellow/black plate series in 1956. All plates had that date stamped on them. My car is a 1958 model, and the DMV requires a sticker from that year be affixed to the plate.
Additionally, I must register the car each year and get a current year sticker. That sticker is mounted on a separate tab that the DMV gives you with your sticker.

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In the State of Michigan, you pay a one-time registration fee for a year of manufacture plate that you provide and it remains valid as long as you own the vehicle. We are allowed to use a Michigan plate dated the year that matches the year associated with the vehicle’s title. We do not need to pay for or apply a current year registration sticker to the vintage plate…Literally, It’s a one-time payment and you’re good to go. I have all of our British cars registered this way. It has saved us thousands of dollars through the years.

As a related aside, it is a good practice when purchasing vintage plates to purchase a matching pair. If you don’t have possession of both plates, it is possible that the other plate is currently registered with the State by another owner. It would be disappointing to invest in a plate and learn that it can’t be used for vehicle registration purposes.

And Oregon has a great deal for older cars, Not year of manufacture plates, but special plates that are a permanent registration with no annual (or biannual) renewal fees,

What state are you in Rgbrt? Texas? That ebay listing you show is for only one plate, and Texas requires you to have two plates, so that particular ebay listing would be a waste of money. Ironically, you can get away with not mounting your front plate in Texas, but you still have to have both plates (and they have to be in decent shape) when you go down to your county tax office to have them approved. I’ve been running YOM license plates in Texas for many years, on multiple cars.


Thanks …I’m thinking about that…and will like to wait a little bit of time …I’m working on the car still…but almost is ready…yes Im in Texas…and do you sell plates .o what’s…

Thanks so much for your help…

No, I don’t sell plates… I only buy them for the cars that I have. I do have a set of Texas 1985 plates that I’ll be looking to get rid of if the buyer of that car is from somewhere besides Texas.
Good luck on your 1967 build,