Classified Ads, Problem with Price Box

I have tried to post an ad but cannot get past the first page, Even though I HAVE entered the item price , when I try go to page 2 ( after the maths quiz ), a red note pops up to tell me to ad the price, even though I have done it !? Please advise how I might procede ! TIA, John H.

The box only accepts a number. Are you trying to enter a currency?

I had the dollar sign…$…before the number!

SPECIAL NOTE: The “Item Price” box accepts ONLY digits. Do not include and $ or other currency indicators. The price on the ad is always displayed as $, so convert to your currency and include a note to indicate what currency you are working in in the text of your ad.

IOW…RTFM!!! Just to be clear…:heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Andrew, I thank you for your help,I appreciate your patience. Not all of us are fully computer savvy. A shame that W man lacks empathy!

Ok, RTFM. That’s a clue. You’re a programmer from the 70’s. :nerd_face:

It was said in jest, m’man!


RTOM (“O” for “Obsolete”).

Many of the howtos are out of date now. The gist of them is more or less correct, but the details and screenshots are often different from when the howto was composed.

The plugin for the classifieds changes about every 3 months, so it’s a mug’s game to keep it up to date.

Fortunately there are few questions about how to use the site nowadays, so it’s not really worth going through all the guides and fixing them.

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