Clausager xk140,150 in detail

Hi All…how much detail does this book give on factory records…thinking of looking for one…does it have a register of all cars that left the factory…does it list number of cars in each colour even “specials”…thanks…Steve …Edit…just purchased one

Book arrived…and had the info i was after…I was told that my150 fhc was the only one in Lavender gray…not a standard 150 factory colour…so i knew it was a Special order…the book has special order coloures listed by chassis number…my car is one of only 2 fhc painted Lavender gray from the factory…looked up the other on XKE data and it shows the other car has now been changed to British raceing green

That’s a great bit of info to have, and confirms a special car. No repainting it allowed, now, Steve!
Anders is a lovely man, a real gent and a pleasure to know. He 's still very active as secretary of the Society of Automotive Historians in Britain, of which most members are European…

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Hi Steve , both our 150’s are special order paint colours mine being Regal Red. Our car was ordered through Harold Radford of Kensington by John Bodie . Regal Red was a Rolls Royce colour hence the connection with the Dealership.
We believe our car to be the only XK ever painted that colour , certainly the only 150 S. being chassis T825127Dn.
John Bodie, now has an OBE after his name, and remembers the car well and I have had many communications with him since locating him a few years ago at age 90 and living in London, however we seem to have lost contact with him recently so we are hoping he is alive and well. Have been following the restoration of your 150 and appreciate the effort and skill you are putting into that project.

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