Clayton you have when not having a Clayton’s!

Those of you following the progress on the 2+2 know about the mechanical alterations I’ve made to accomodate air con in this car

So I have found the evaporator that Clayton’s use and am building my version …. So here is the start of the install

Today I measured and made the brackets twice !

Undid 3 painted in screws ….and sheared the 4th ……drilled out the stub
Tapped the threads …broke the tap in situ …. After failing to remove it … drilled new hole for bolt and nut ….otherwise went well!

And the centre folds down missing everything!

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Thanks to MAX… I acutally get the humour in your title…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue::laughing:

For those wondering

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Yep the drink you have when you aren’t having a drink.

Imagine the gales of hysterical laughter, when MAX first moved here, and saw the name of a major manufacturer of modular homes.

I had no idea what was so funny…:wink:

Ah yes part of the Berkshire Hathaway group?

I don’t actually remember ever drinking any Claytons…oh wait! That is because it contained no alcohol!! And it was drunk by my long lost cousin who really wasn’t who he said he was. Not a Thompson at all!

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Where did you find the evaporator? Do you have any info/spec on it?

I am still puzzled by this need for air condioning on a manly sports car. I drive my luxury sedan when it is hot, and wait until sundown for the toy.

Hi Ronald,
I guess its like ice cream, some like chocolate, others like cherry and still others like butter pecan. The climate is different in different places, SW USA is hot, SE USA is hot and humid, Maine is mild. As I get older I prefer having the choice of turning on the A/C to cool down. When I bought my 260Z it didn’t have A/C, I was fine with that. But when I bought my 79 RX7 I ordered A/C. Every car after that had A/C.
So different strokes for different folks.


Sent PM ……. All I bought was the evap unit

Assuming the blue is a filter, should it not be placed near the inlet instead of the outlet? Just asking, I don’t know anything about AC except I wish I had it.

I would be interested in the details of your system.

Yep that’s what I thought too …… but that’s how it comes Tom …… I haven’t addressed how I will attempt to filter the recirculating air yet …… I don’t want to pull it all apart each time!...original ac’s in jaguars had no filters at all and it is internal air only …. So maybe I don’t need it …… the only issue as I see it will be fluff of the new carpet ……. The sides will have “speaker” grills in them to aid flow and there will be a gasket around the front between the face and the metal front plate .
Next part is to design and mock up the sides and front ….stand by! I’ll send a pm

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I will be using hard lines where I can on this project … so from front condenser over the top of radiator along the frames to the drier and compressor ( flexible hoses here) and hard to the firewall in through the Jaguar provided opening via a plate with fittings and then flexible to the evap unit ……

I will make an appropriate loom to the fan and compressor clutch etc which will follow the same track as the hard lines ……tha actual controls for the evap fan and temp will be fitted somewhere ! In the cabin or in the cubby box ….yet to be decided

Ronald, it seems to me you answered your own question. Some do not wish to always wait to drive until sundown. We enjoy going for an all afternoon drive, and that can include when it is hot. I do not mind driving when it is 90F. My wife puts up with it, but not thrilled when it is so hot. I do not have A/C, but I keep considering it.

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I can’t get my wife in the car if it exceeds 22 Celsius …also makes it easy for resale

Assuming the blue is a filter, should it not be placed near the inlet instead of the outlet? Just asking, I don’t know anything about AC except I wish I had it.

The blue foam on the evaporator outlet is not a filter. It’s supposed to prevent water from spiting out of the evaporator unit. DO NOT REMOVE the blue foam!


Ok so today I played all day with the metal work in mock up….here is the results so far …I’m thinking about using the raised speaker covers instead of the flat early type grills ….what do you guys think?

And if I can find it a deeper or slightly wider lourvered outlet

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I’d certainly not have any issue with the raised grilles.

How manly does one have to be to forgo heat, then?

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