Clean rocker cover

Some one can tell me how can I clean the rocker cover…?’s opaque grey’s …o I need to change it for look shine…

Are we talking about the same thing? The two cam covers are barely shown in your photo. All that in the center is the cylinder head. The cam covers are most easily polished by removing them. Since that’s a bit of a pain in the butt, you should wait until the valve lash needs checking and adjustment. You can polish them a bit in place but it’s difficult and messy unless it’s just a touchup. When they’re that far gone you’l want to start with a wet sand with WD40 and fine emery paper, like 600 working your way up to 2000. Then finish off with very fine metal polish paste like Mothers or Flitz, followed by corn starch to clean the residue.

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For the cam covers in this state, the finest steel wool will do a very good job. I did the same on my carbs that were lightly scratched, partly corroded and dull. The scratches remain but they’re shiny again. Fine steel wool does not scratch the aluminum at all. Before and after, barely in frame but you can tell,

Sanding removes so much and is only worth it when you restore the whole engine bay.
I really like how it looks right now, not too perfect but really good, and it is enjoyable. Remove the small iron remnants with a magnet in a plastic bag or so.

Same applies to the two hooks. The ‘valley’ is best cleaned with a brush and brake cleaner, wires out of the way.

Now, where did you get that crrrrrrazy ideer?


Hi David, any chance you can tell me the numbers from the red tags on your float chambers and what year / model / engine size is your XJ6? it looks like I have your carbs on my series 3 3.4 engine that is going into my Mk2 and I need to identify the carbs, Pat

Pat have you tried the Burlen website?

Yes of course:
SU HD8, 1969 XJ6 4.2,


As far as I know there are two versions of the ASC tubing, mine is individual lines curved like brake lines, the other style is banjo fittings and straight tubes.
You can check for the part numbers on the manifold etc, the burlen website can be helpful or post a picture if yours aren’t an exact match.


same numbers so I have 68–71 4.2 HD8’s on my series3 3.4 engine, been on there for years and ran well before I scrapped it, I will get a pair of rebuild kits so wanted to know what they were off, no wonder they did not match the series3 carbs I was looking at! thanks…

You’re welcome, I think the HD8 look (maybe are) better than the HIF7 or what it would be, make sure you have a fuel filter if the S3 had them somewhere near the carbs.

:smiley::+1:thanks for time…I’m going to try…

Every body thanks …that information will help me a lot …

Here is a picture of how the covers are being left and the rest …