Cleaning out garage - Series 2 Etype parts including 4-speed and oil pan

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Do you have an A/C clutch/pulley assembly for a Tecumseh compressor?

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Sorry I do not have a clutch/pulley assembly. JS

Sold much, yet? Plus 20 prices!

I am open to offers. Jeff S.

Oil pump/pickup and water pump would be worth $125 to me if we could avoid postage by doing pick up. Which side of ATL are you? Are you going to Columbia for the JCNA meeting in Aug?

Does the S2 manifold and carb set include the secondary butterfly valve and it linkage to the front Carb?
My personal E mail is sagreenwood@

Stuart, I just checked the manifold, one side looks to have the linkage the other side does not. I have attached additional pictures.

If it’s important, I think my spare S2 manifold has all the bits still attached. Not sure why you’d volunteer to spoil the performance though?

Peter, sorry, just realized that I never replied to this…Sure I’ll take $125 for the oil pump &pickup and water pump if you still need them…I will not be going up to Columbia in August, but will be going up to the Carolina Concurs at Little Switzerland again (met you there several years ago). JS

The following items have been sold:

Series 2 AC mount
Clutch set
Clutch line

Gearbox sold
Flywheel sold
Oil pickup&waterpump sold

Sorry I have not replied sooner to your message about my query regarding the carbs. I am not very computer literate and I struggle to navigate the Jag lovers web topics.
The secondary butterfly valve is inside the manifold at the front and your first picture shows the axle coming out of the manifold which this valve is attached to. Your second picture confuses me since if this is a picture for the rear of the manifold I don’t know what the shaft coming out of the manifold is. I will check the manifold on my car.
The reason I am interested in your set up is because my car has been modified by a previous owner to use two HS8 SU carbs from a 1952 XK120C and the secondary butterfly valve has been removed . I considering returning the car to standard with two 175 Stromberg carbs as I have experience with these carbs and I think they are equally as good as the SUs

Sorry, Stuart, but the carbs and manifold have been sold. I have noticed that there are some sets available on Ebay. JS