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Description: i looking clear glass window for jaguar mk 2 1967/3.4 …left side

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Which door and window you are looking for would help.
I.e. right hand side drivers main window glass, drivers side quarter light glass?

Ok…here go…left hand side (door )_side driver main glass (clear - no tinted)…just the glass…not frame

That’s just a plane piece of safety glass. If you can’t find one you might be able to have one made, if you can make up a pattern.

I didn’t know it’s hard to find🤔…do you have idea …where??..

Do anyone know if the right glass is interchangeable with the left (door)?

On both sides the windows are the same, just the rail on the underside is the other way around.
The right side will also give you a pattern for the other side.

Could you recommend me a place where they can make me that glass on USA??


Try any windscreen supplier. They are able to cut window glass to a pattern you provide. They provide a lot of special cut pieces of flat safety glass for vans, boats, etc.

If you provide them with the good window from the other side (complete with the bottom rail) they should be able to cut you a copy and grind the edges and radius the corners. If they are fussy they may want a clear pattern, eg a plywood or thick cardboard. You can make this easily from your good one and you don’t need to remove the bottom rail as there is enough glass clear at each end to match the size.

Just a comment - the new glass will be so crystal clear that it might ‘outshine’ the other side. If the other side is chipped, scratched or etched, you might consider cutting two and replacing it too. Always keep any patterns or templates you make, you never know when you or a colleague could use it in the future.


Try Richie’s Discount Auto Glass

3008 Hwy 71 South - Mena, AR 71953

Office: (479) 394-9938

Ok…let contac them …

And take the best price :smiley:

Thanks to everyone…cheers

Try James Dean (yes, really) - he has his own private Jag graveyard - Florida.

I might have one if a 3.8s front window is the same. Does anyone know? roofline is different. If so, I’ll look for it.

I dont know if its the same .i will like to know if anyone know …too

Do you has the measument

I’ll see what I have.

fyi, there are some on e-bay now

I’ll still take a look at what I have

I looked at my extra glass and compared it to my own Mk2. They are subtly different. Sorry, don’t have it.

i know its so late to reply this msg,.i sorry.

do you know if this glass for 3.8 fits to 3.4??o anyone know that??

AFAIK, all Mk2 glass is the same model for model ( ie 2.4, 3.4 3.8 ) and I believe the same is true for S Type and 420, except for the rear screen. Doors are the same apart from the internal mechanism.

I have spare glass in IL. Message me if you are interested.