Climate control module

This is the extremely difficult to source “piano shaped” climate control module for a 1989-1991 XJS. Jaguar part number DAC7601. From VIN 139052 to 179736. This was in my friend’s 1989 XJS that worked perfectly before he totaled the car. The car was wrecked about 2 years ago. Before going to Ebay, I want to give the list members first chance! Welsh Jaguar sells rebuilt units for $695. Normally, EBay prices are $250-$275. I accept offers.

Please forward any interest or questions to:



Hello Richard,
I am currently trying to figure out if my issue with no fans or any controls for the a/c-heat control are from the dash unit (microprocessor) or the control module?
I am hoping for my sake and $ amount it is in the dash unit. The sad part is I can’t get the car into the shop for another week. I hate to hold you off but depending on what you would have to have for it shipped to DFW TX area I may need it in a few weeks possibly?

At this point I won’t be needing this.