Climate Control Panel died

Hey people!
so I’m pressing the power button of the Climate Control Panel in the center console to turn on the heat, and nothing. No functions come on, no buttons light up. Sprayed contact cleaner, nothing. Checked the fuses, they are all good. Tried the diagnostics (Auto+recirc+ignition II) and no response. I haven’t installed anything in the center console in a long time, so no inadvertent messing with cables etc.

Does any doctor out there have any ideas?
much appreciated!

I then swapped out my Climate Control Panel (part LJA7690BB) with one I had bought online, but still: it won’t power on. Checked all the fuses one more time, they are all good.

Could anyone point me to where the fault might lie?
Many thanks!

Unfortunately I don’t have an x300, I drive an XJS, similar but not same enough?

Check out

Find the electrical diagrams relevant for your model year and you might find something that helps. For instance, my Climate Control Panel module, the part that has gone bad for you, seems to have a 3A inline fuse. That fuse is in addition to what I would find in the fuse boxes for the car. It would take some searching to find where that in-line fuse was, but you probably figure out a way to jump that line and see if the panel comes to life.

I didn’t say that my CCP module has gone bad, just that the CCP won’t switch on.
Are you saying that the module (LNA7600AF) must be the culprit?

The electrical diagrams calls the CCP a Climate Control Panel Module. Call it whatever you want. What I’m trying to tell you is that there may be an inline fuse that you haven’t found. The diagrams will reveal one.

Clearly there is something preventing your CCP from powering on? Fuse is the easy answer. You’ve checked the fusebox, which is great, but there may be more.

The LNA7600AF, aka Climate Control Module (no “Panel” in the name), could have gotten fried, but it’s not a common occurrence. I would check the wiring diagrams first to see if there isn’t something more obvious to look for first. Right now we can’t really rule out much of anything.

Thank you for being so clear and concise! helps an amateur like me a lot.
I will continue to look for what you suggested and report back…

Tried the diagnostics (Auto+recirc+ignition II)

Say what? :confused: Never heard of this before …

Would you mind clarifying?
you never heard of a CCP not switching on before, or you never heard of the AC diagnostics before?
The diagnostics are here:
(11.3 Warm the engine then switch off. Press both ‘Auto’ and ‘Recirc’ buttons and hold whilst restarting the engine.)


please see attached diagrams. I can’t find a diagram for the actual Climate Control Panel, or any fuses there. Would you mind having a look please?
thank you!

jagxj1995-Electrical Guide-ClimateControl.pdf (1.2 MB)

I don’t see an inline fuse.

The first thing I would do is check the wires (with the control panel still attached and the car on, engine off) to see if I was getting power at WU and WR wires? I believe the corresponding sheet will show you what ranges you should expect to see at each of those points?

Do you have a multimeter?

I can get a multimeter, no problem.
But what are the “WU” and “WR” wires?

Wire Colors.

N Brown
B Black
W White
K Pink
G Green
R Red
Y Yellow
O Orange
S Slate (Gray)
L Light
U Blue
P Purple

So WU would be a White wire with a Blue stripe
WR would be a white wire with a Red stripe.

The corresponding sheet should reveal what range to expect when the car is on. Maybe just 12v, but if you post it, then all will be revealed.

A puncture probe attachment may help too.

This way you can read the activity on the wire easily.

Aren’t those like those test light probes, with the “ice pick” thing to puncture through the wire insulation, to check circuit continuity ? :confused:

Wow, if I did know about it from the old website e-book for X-300s, I guess I had forgotten about it. :blush: Haven’t owned Scrapper (my '96) for like 5 or 7 or so years now. :frowning_face:

I wonder if the X-308s have some similar diagnostic procedure for the climate control unit? :confused: In fact, I wish we had an X-308 e-book with all those type of helpful tips and information. I’m esp. curious as to the fob reprogramming procedure, as I don’t believe the one for the X-308s is the same as the one for the X-300s. :thinking:

Student Guide 703_SG_Climate Control2002

The system can be interrogated with WDS/IDS or System Self-Test.
Self test will not be as complete and accurate as WDS/IDS.

System Self-Test
Some system generated fault codes can be displayed on the control panel screen. When a fault is flagged, an audible
“beep” will sound and the message “Er” will be displayed for five seconds, after the ignition is switched to position II.
To display stored “panel fault codes”, follow this procedure:
• Switch off the ignition
Press and hold the AUTO and FRESH / RECIRC buttons simultaneously while switching the ignition to position II.
All of the panel LEDs and all LCD segments will flash ON and OFF. Any function LED indicator or LCD segment
that does not flash suggests a fault condition within that area of the panel, or with the LED or LCD.
• Press AUTO
The control panel display will flash and scroll through the list of flagged fault codes. A maximum of five codes
will be stored and displayed. If 0 is displayed, no fault codes are flagged.
• Press FACE to manually scroll through the fault codes
When a fault code is displayed, an accompanying beep will indicate if the fault is present. If the code is not
accompanied by a beep, the fault occurred previously.
NOTE: Faults that are present can not be cleared until the cause of the fault is repaired.
To clear fault codes, press HRW and FACE simultaneously. Wait 30 seconds for the A/CCM to retest the system
and reflag any current faults.
• Press PUSH OFF to return the system to normal operation (default panel settings)

how are you?

The issue here is that the entire panel incl the Auto and Recirculation button has no power!

I still don’t know what car or MY we are discussing?

His profile says '95 XJR … I assume that’s the one he is asking about ? :confused:

Sorry for not stating, yes it’s 1995 XJR.

Is there something similar for the X-308s, Motorman ? :confused:

btw, since you’re handy at the moment, what IS the procedure for synching a fob on our X-308s? IIRC, it has something to do with flashing the headlights, rocking the valet button, etc. with the driver’s door open (unless I’m getting that one mixed up with the one for XJS models) … :confused: