Climate Control will just not get warm X308 1998

hi team, after so many hours on this thing i am literally at my wits end.

The climate control only blows full cold.

the heater pump and valves all test ok
when i press for outside temperature on console, it says 10c or whatever is accurate at the time so it knows it is cold…is there a different ambient air sensor that is seeing things differently maybe? i set internal temp at 30, and it will not blow warm air.
In the engine bay, the bottom hose from the pump is not as hot, so i think somehow the valve is getting a signal and closing. (the valve is normally open without power, so water should be flowing through the heater core).

any clue where to look without dismantling half the dash and console?

Jaguar TSB and info for you.

I flushed a few heater cores when I worked at the dealer years ago.
I got some clear poly tubing, filled the core and let the ‘RADIATOR FLUSH’ solution sit in the core overnight then flushed it the next day.

303-11Am Poor Heater.pdf (137.0 KB)
Jaguar Climate Control Error Codes.pdf (143.0 KB)

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thanks Motorcarman, I will give it all a go…physical blockage is making sense since we cannot see error codes