Close proximity warning alarm goes off constantly in my 2006 XJ8

Hi folks: spent a month part time repairing my cooling system when the auxiliary water pump let go which caused the radiator to blow dumping coolant over everything in the engine bay. Replaced the radiator, and and auxiliary water pump cleaned all connections replaced hoses etc.Car is running fine no codes smooth and fast except the loud buzzer that goes off when your to near another car or object goes off as soon as I start to leave my driveway and won’t stop until I’m moving on the road! when I stop at a light every car that passes me or comes up to the buzzer me does the same thing. When I had the under lovers off working on the car I noticed two strange shaped plastic pieces on the corners in front of the front wheel wells that were attached to an electrical connector and the right side one was not attached to the plastic shroud like the left side one was as the plastic there was broken off. I though I would just disconnect that strange looking plastic piece but when I did and tried to drive: Now it goes off non stop! even when I’m on the open highway!! So I have to presume they are the sensors that can control the buzzer. Is there some way to just silence them ? If not. what do i do?
Regards: Dennis Cunningham
2006 XJ8L 80,000 miles
2003 XJ8VDP 103,000 miles
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On my 05 XJ8VP, the control module for the sensors is in the trunk. Lift up the mat and look at the left side. The module is bolted to the metal. Unplugging it MAY silence the alarm.


Thanks Richard will try tomorrow
Regards: Dennis Cunningham

Success!! Beautiful silence and disconnecting the module didn’t affect any other system or check engine light!
Thanks Richard!

Thank you, Dennis! This is what our forum is all about!