Close ratio steering upgrade

Can anyone advise the cost roughly of a close ratio upgrade kit for standard MK2 steering box please?

Might help responders to your query if you updated your sign on info with your location

Apologies - I am in the UK/Ireland.
There are some companies offering exchange steering boxes and also a kit option to DIY your own box. For me in Ireland the DIY option is better but who offers a good kit option?

Is this what you’re looking for? According to their website, the kit is £458 excl tax.


Yes thanks I have looked at these guys but decided the cost of the kit is excessive. I hate to think what it would cost to have them do the work which looks very simple based on their Youtube link.

Maybe I will have to carry on with my manual box and “man up” when parking. It would be nice to let the wife have a go but that will have to wait.

I think it’s the cost of machining the worm and the nut on a small scale, non-mass production basis. The other thing to keep in mind is that a higher ratio will require more effort for parking. Some Mk2 owners have combined the high ratio with electric assistance on the column. If you do that with ready made professional kit, it makes the ICS box look cheap.

After researching a power rack and pinion, I think I’ll be settling on using a Varamatic box from a 420.

I have been looking at electric steering (especially for the wife) but it is too expensive. For me using a high ratio manual box would make manual box driving more enjoyable round our country lanes but yes parking is always slightly hard work but not impossible if the tyres are 30psi.
My budget is going to be better spent right now on water proofing the door window glass which is a massive weak spot. I have an idea to be tested.

I’m just a bit unsure if you realise that a close ratio box means less turns lock to lock which equates to having to apply more turning force not less?

That’s why I suggested that he’d probably want EPS to go with it.