Clutch control linkage Mark IV

I am missing the control linkage in my 3.5 Mark IV. I include a picture of my green car with the part missing with orance tape where it should be placed, and a black car with the part in place.IMG_3475

The part appears to be a 3/4 inch rod with a control arm at the clutch pedal and another next to the transmission.

So this is a LHD car.
There is a LHD supplement J6 to the J3 Spare Parts Catalogue, but unfortunately no picture page showing the clutch linkage parts. Here is the parts list.

Can you tell what parts you are missing?

There are 90 LHDs listed on
Maybe scrolling through them there might be a picture of the linkage.

Do you live anywhere near the Gilmore Museum in Kalamazoo Michigan? They have a LHD Mark IV and no guard ropes, so you can crawl under and get pictures.

I’m not absolutely certain, but I think this is the linkage you want, shown here sitting on top of the gearbox of the car it belongs with, 637146, which was offered as a restoration project on ebay about 5 years ago in Winter Park Florida.

Hello Rob,

Thank you for your response.

That is a very interesting gearbox and linkage. The linkage itself is about the same shape, however mine goes from the clutch…on left, to the left side of the trans. It does not have to go across the top of the trans. What kind of car did this come out of?



A misunderstanding due to a confusing pic; I looked at this pic for a long time before deciding that it is showing the linkage shaft just sitting on the gearbox, not attached, just draped over it.
You’ll notice that bell housing is for LHD, no lever on the RH side.
Here is another car 630253 where you can see the linkage shaft attached to the bottom.

Thank you for your reply. The parts list seems to list the parts in question. I actually own 2 Mark IVs, so I have an example of what I need. Finding this linkage is a long shot, but I thought I would give it a try. If not, it will take a little creativity to duplicate.

I see what you mean. The second picture does show the “control bar” in question. Is this linkage out of a Mark IV?

Yes, LHD Mark IVs, the loose trans is from 637146 and the underbelly shot is 630253.
I found both those pictures trolling on saloondata for LHD Mark IVs.
I looked at all 90 cars but those were the only pix of clutch linkage.

I’m just waitin to hear someone squawk about them ‘modern’ flex joints in the exhaust pipes.


Speaking of “squawk”, have you seen the “as found” pix of 630253?
43 years in an open barn where birds liked to sleep in the rafters.

BTW what happened to the pic of you playing the 12 string?

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I wonder what effect(s) that level of guano has/had upon the metal…:nauseated_face:

The new owner confidently said, “That’ll buff out.” And it did!



If you look at the cracking of the paint in the front left mudguard - or wing as the factory/British called them. But it looks like the original Cellulose Enamel, so has been surprisingly well protected - other photos are 40 footers, so cant comment whether this guard is typical or not of current paint finish…

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Well, that’s amazing!

I’m happy to see someone has sympathetically restored it enough to drive it but kept it as close to original as possible.

Gives me hope for Margaret… :slight_smile:

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Well, for unknown reason that car has no front wing side lights, so probably not the original paint, at least on the wings. The side light pods seem to be in the boot.

The phrase “That’ll buff out.” is a joke used in America when viewing a car in really bad condition. I don’t know if it translates to all countries.

It cleaned up anyway.


Sure, we get it. :smiley:

A bit like the term “surface rust” on a hopeless project car. Yes, you can only see the surface, but I am pretty sure in some cases it’s just the ”tip of the iceberg”. :laughing: Meaning you can see about 4-5% of the rust. The rest (95-96%) is still hiding under the surface!


“Buff it out” means just that, at least in my circles in the South/East of Australia, cant talk about the rest…
But our preferred term for poor paint is a 20 footer, or if really bad a 40 footer…, so maybe these don’t work on an international forum either, albeit I am showing my age, as we haven’t used ‘feet’ in Australia since the 1970s, and I am not aware that the current generation use a metric equivalent of a 10 or 20 metre paint job :grin:


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We use the term, “a 50/50 paint job:” it works in either Imperial or metric!

I heard that an English/American translation dictionary exists. We call the body work over a wheel a “fender”. With that in mind you would have front right fender and right rear fender, etc. There are too many other differences to mention.(boot/trunk)