Clutch cover play is ok?


buyed a new 9.5 clutch for 1 s 2.8 '69.

when applied to flywheel plate gain a play is correct ? is excessive?

Hi Fred, if you think about it, the item your are holding, the fingers are trapped in a groove, when you depress the clutch pedal the fingers are depressed and the effective diametre of the ends of the fingers will decrease so it needs that free play I believe.

Thank’you Robin,

A clutch cover already detroyed after 800 kms only, my doubt is that excessive play causing
bad work between clutch cover plate and release bearing, :cold_sweat:

on left clutch cover on rotation at 800 rpm , he can go to 2000/3000 between gear change.
obviusly release bearing on right ( is like carbon ring ).