Clutch cylinder

My clutch cylinder was leaking inside the car I was lucky the carpet wasn’t installed yet. I pulled the pedal box because it looks like the pin for the clutch cylinder was put in the wrong direction (see pic). How do I get the clutch cylinder off without messing with the pedal springs? What are my options?Thx

Cut off the head off the pin and slip it out.
Get a new pin.

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You will have to pull out the pedal hinge bolt that both the brake and clutch pedals pivot on.
Then you take out the plastic bushing we see in photo and that will make enough free play for you to pull out the pin.
The pin is the wrong size. It is far too long and will likely be scratching the left housing wall all the time


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As suggested, I’d slice it off with a hacksaw. Either put something under to catch the dust or run a vacuum. It’s also the wrong length in addition to being in backwards. Endeavor to find one that is just long enough, maybe with one washer under the clip.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I didn’t want to mess with those pedal springs. I was thinking better to send clutch cylinder off for rebuild since I think its original or should I just buy a replacement?

Resleeve it in brass or SS.
Apple Hydraulics, White Post Restoration are two I know.

This is the way I did mine.

If your cylinder is pitted just buy a new one.

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Thanks for the help!

When you install you new master cylinder use a hitch pin instead of a cotter pin; far easier to install and remove.

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Good point. Thx

Why the fear of springs? There is no significant tension on them at the moment. It’s a simple disassemble/reassemble job. Will also give you a chance to clean everything and apply a bit of fresh grease to the moving bits.

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Low confidence, fear of screwing up, path of least resistance and doing more work. All of the above. ha ha. Everything is hard on an e-type! :grinning:

Yeah good point.

Don’t worry you’ll be changing those springs out soon enough. They aren’t what Id call good on longevity.

Yeah I couldn’t ever scratch that pin with a hacksaw not enough room. I took it apart went to Ace Hardware to get a new smaller one but no luck. I am making my list of parts I need tonight including those springs.

Finally got the parts and installed them today. Steve was right the springs were no big deal and I was able to clean things up. The hitch pin instead of the cotter was a great idea too. The only thing I wasn’t sure about is the routing of the speedo cable and those hoses, things got a little tangled up when I was I putting everything back together but I think I got it right. Tomorrow bleeding the system.