Clutch Fluid - checking -in

With all the new oils and fluids on the market has anyone run into a E-type clutch fluid (type and/or brand) that they would suggest trying on a rebuilt brake system?
We just stay with a( Brand?) Dot 4 brake fluid?

I have used Prestone and Lucas DOT 3 for the brakes and clutch in my 1969 E-Type FHC for over 20 years. DOT 3 is available, inexpensive, and it is what my E-Type was designed to use in the clutch and brakes. I have found over the years that “new and improved” is not necessarily so, and I see no reason to mess with success.
BTW, I am the president of my local chapter of Luddites Anonymous. :wink:



I use DOT5.1. It ain’t expensive, and it has a higher boiling point than 4 or 3. Might just be an issue at the very end of a long twisty mountain road when the brakes are seriously cooking.

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And I use DOT 5. Works fine in the clutch hydraulics and kind to paint if someone gets sloppy or unlucky

Whatever you choose I suppose you’ll use the same in the brakes.

Thank you.
I have a friend who races a couple of XKE’s and steps up to Castrol SRF and uses it for Brakes and Clutch. Unless he races both often during the year he will not flush the system for a couple of years.
I have use Dot 3 for 25 years and was checking on the new flavors. Might stay with Dot 3 also but not flushing for several years would be nice, even if triple the price. --I love it - Luddites Anonymous

I also looked into Dot 5 but have seen a couple of reports on a soft peddle. Any issues like that?
Wonder if it would affect clutch in a similar way? Slow shift?

DOT 5 is completely different stuff. I wouldn’t use it unless the OEM specs required it.

I’ve heard that too but haven’t experienced it. I suspect the soft pedal reported by some may be a result of improper handling and bleeding practices.

Dot5 can get microscopic bubbles in it that stay in suspension (and are compressible) for quite some time.


I had the silicone version in my brake system and it rotted out the cylinder for the rears. Replaced all the brake components and went back to OE as designed and specd and added ‘flush brake fluid’ to biannual service cycle. Not sure what it would do to clutch, I had transmission rebuilt and I believe the OE spec went back in there, too.