Clutch fluid color

This is the fluid from the clutch reservoir. I haven’t the foggiest how long it’s been in use, so I thought to change it out. Does the color tell any tales? Does it seem okay?
Thank you

Looks pretty good really. Often it’s darker. It’s brake fluid and should be brake fluid colored. Change it.

Thanks, John, and yes I did change it.

Brake fluid is supposed to be clear, and turns yellow as it absorbs moisture. When it turns black it means there is some rubber in there that is not compatible with brake fluid and is dissolving. Yours is darker than I would expect from simply absorbing moisture, but it’s not black. How long has it been in there? Whatever, change it out.

Yeah, I see nothing alarming in that photo.

The Triumph manual says to bleed the fluid into ‘a clean pickle jar’. Not sure why it matters but to be on the safe side, for the TR4 I always use a Vlasic Dill Slices jar.


Does that mean you will, or won’t be in a pickle with your fluid?:laughing:

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Crap…I’ve been doing it wrong for decades!

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.