Clutch Fork - materials available

XKs sent me a cast bronze clutch fork. It’s described as being cast iron like the original on their page, #C582 (AKA 3352). It fits the shaft poorly, loose. It’s BRONZE.
I found one somewhere that looks to be aluminum. That’s a no-go.
Barrat seems not to offer it.
Coventry also has a cast bronze they they say is “Heavy Duty, very tough, better than… blah blah”, it appears to be the same as XKs’ loose-fitting bronze fork.
There is a few bell housing on eBay with the fork intact, but $350.00, and then to pay for a bell housing and worn shaft that nobody wants…

Ugh. Before I put this one on the returns pile, has this bronze version been installed by anyone without crossing your fingers? What to do about the loose (perhaps .007) fit?

If this part wasn’t so buried in the car I wouldn’t be so concerned.

Can you imagine restoring a 1908 Cadillac?

I’ve heard from Barratt. They do have this fork in steel, it just doesn’t come up on a search if you’ve got XK 120 tagged in the left column, and it’s labeled with a non-XK part number. Hard to find.

I’ve already ordered their shaft. I’ll order one and have a look.

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I’m lost here. Why would you want to replace the bell housing? It has bushings on each side that can be replaced if there’s too much slop with the shaft. I used new ones sourced from McMaster that are longer than the originals. Some sort of sintered bronze or oilite type of bushing. I also went one step further by drilling out the oil holes and fitting Gits oilers so as to minimize dirt ingress. I’m using the original fork on mine so, can’t say what reliability is like on the latest reproductions. Watch ebay as originals seem to turn up often enough.

I dont, but one of the ones on ebay has a fork in it.

Oh, okay. From past experience though, they’re not that rare. Somebody had an NOS example on ebay some months back at $75 and I remember it sitting for many a month before disappearing. I think someone here also mentioned that the Mk VII forks were built a little stronger too (??) so I’d keep a watch on those as well. Consider shooting an email to lister John Brady as he may have an original. I bought a complete Moss box from him at a very reasonable price sometime back. There’s also an old thread where myself and the usual recent listers had a back-and-forth regarding the quirks of these forks, shafts, tapered pins, bell cranks and the bushings the cross shaft resides in – worth a search.

@Sue_Salsburg has an entire MOD, for sale, and it might be nice in your car!

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Now I have a headache.

I searched XKs for the Mk VII fork. They show the same bronze part I received.

I searched at Barratt. They do not to show a fork for the Mk VII if you’ve got "Saloon - Mk VII’ chosen in the left column. Otherwise, the fork I ordered comes up for a generic fork search.

Manual OverDrive.

Hope the headache abates…:wink:


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Given how cheap they are, I would buy the shaft and fork together from the same vendor.

Call XK’s to check on the actual material. I’ll bet it’s Aluminum Bronze: “Aluminum bronze alloys feature excellent wear resistance and heavy load carrying ability, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications”

I feel like we have been down this path before, deja vu all over again… I would want to know just exactly which bronze alloy they are cast from. Knowing that, you can pull up a mill specification sheet and verify if it really is “as strong as steel”. Without that info, you are just guessing or blindly accepting the opinion of someone who probably doesn’t know either.They are no doubt cast because there is insufficient demand to create the required economy of scale for the tooling required for a forging.

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And if cast, I’d not trust it.

Agreed. We suffered many fails back when I was restoring Model A’s with crap cast bronze coming from South America. 40 years ago some of this stuff was made in places that work on dirt floors. Once the better manufacturers were enticed, the materials improved… and the holes were drilled in the right places.

I’ve got a set: exterior arm, fork and shaft coming from Barratt. I’ve got a bunch of pins coming from everybody.

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I have a cast aluminum bronze fork and shaft from Coventry Auto (UK). Has perhaps 6k miles on it and seems to be fine. I don’t know if it’s any better than the originals because it hasn’t failed yet and didn’t show any stress cracks when I looked it over at 1500 miles. I thought the quality of the parts from Coventry were quite good. That said, I buy about 90% of my parts from SNG B. They are nice folks, have what I need in stock, and only 1 day away for shipping.

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I’ve now gotten a fork from XKs and one from Barrett. They’re both selling cast bronze forks. They are identical castings. Barrett shows this as being steel on their site.

So, judging by the price, it seems they both buy it from:


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