Clutch housing cover

I have an early XK120 clutch housing C2412 and purchased a bottom cover C2415 but that left the front engine side of the housing exposed / open. So I purchased a front vertical cover for a later housing (C5072) but it does not fit. Does that mean the the earlier housing stays open from the engine side?!

Yes, it is open, the C2415 is all you need.
There should also be 90 degree angle brackets on both sides, the non-steering side being also a stabilizer.


Rob, thank you again for helping me, I found the brackets and will be installing them! I feel you will be helping me so much you should be the first to drive it when it’s finished!

what model XK do you have and where are you located?
terry Australia

I installed the brackets and the bottom cover. The openings are still large, does road debris get in there and affect the clutch! This is my first XK120 and I am in Seattle.

Possibly some road dirt will accumulate in there if you live in an area with dirt roads. Perhaps that’s partly why they changed it on later cars.
It doesn’t seem to affect the clutch, unless you were to get a whole lot in there. Perhaps we should make a practice of taking it off and cleaning it out every few years.
There is or was a split cotter pin in the bottom hole, which seems to help get any oil to wick out through.

@Rob_Reilly thank you!