Clutch lever C12942

I am chasing the lever that mounts on shaft through gearbox bellhousing that has the rod going through it from slave cylinder part number C12942.
I thought I had one but they are the longer version used on the XK120 and XK140 C2483

I have one. Without your inquiry, I wouldn’t have discovered that it wasn’t for a 120.
Bargain price but a long way to ship from California.

Not hearing from you.

dick I am always flat out busy trying to keep a shopping centre going.
so time is short.
I an still waiting to hear from my mechanic whether this piece will do the job previous owner of car fitted UK peddle box with hydraulic clutch. so trying to adapt to old bell housing.
I will catch up with him Saturday morning and will get back to you
regards terry

Thanks, Terry.

Good luck.