Clutch Master Cylinder Question

Hi everyone.
Hoping someone can help with identification of the clutch master cylinder i’m refurbishing for my 340 restoration.
The one fitted to the car doesn’t seem to match visually with all the internet images i have found so far. So my question is, does this look a like a later replacement or is it original. Ser photos.
I need a set of new seals, bur without identifying the master cylinder it is proving to be a problem.

Uploading: 20220509_151323.jpg…

Not much help but that looks suspiciously like a BMC unit from something like a mini

That’s not a MK2 cylinder, the tank is the wrong shape completely.

Yes the conclusion i had come to was that it was a replacement part from something like a mini many years ago.
Thanks for your help…

If it was from a mini it would probably work ok as the Jaguar slave cylinder is the same as on a mini.

Also similar to the one on my Austin America so likely fits the ADO16 range of BMC cars as well.