Clutch replacement - borg & beck

Seeking help. I am in the process of installing a borg & beck clutch. The instructions that came with it are not very clear. First, as there don’t appear to be any markings designating which side of the plate faces the fly wheel, how do I determine this. Second, the instructions state that the staples or spacers that are painted red should be removed from the coil spring cover assembly. These don’t appear to be easily removed. As anyone dealt with this?

I put a new Borg and Beck kit a couple of years ago and there were no spacers to be found.

I think there is only one way the clutch driven plate can be installed or else the centre of it hits the flywheel. Lay both sides of it on the flywheel and I think you will find that this is the case

Inspect the graphite bearing to ensure that there is a little dowel pin that locates it in its holder to stop it rotating. The kit I installed failed quickly as the graphite started to rotate, make noises and wear very quickly. So out came the engine…The little pin is horizontally pressed into the graphite bearing holder and goes through the graphite. I think that aftermarket graphite bearings actually have a screw doing this function.

The Borg and Beck Clutch kit came with a small packet of special grease with instructions to very lightly smear it on the splines where the pressure plate sits once installed. I don’t think Jaguar ever did this. I called Borg and Beck to ask them about this and they said to speak to my mechanic…

69 OTS

I always put a very slight bit of grease on the splines on clutches.

Dennis where did you buy your Borg and Beck clutch kit from? I bought one recently from SNG and they only had the new style with the new round case and circular release bearing.


I bought from Moss Motors.
I am not sure what the new style is.
I wrote a thread a long time ago on my graphite coming loose.
It has photos
Will find it and post

Here is a photo of a new throw out bearing with a screw into the side that stops the graphite from rotating. It is aftermarket.

The Borg and Beck replacement kit I got had a small pin, about 2mm, that goes into the bearing holder and deep into the graphite the same way the screw does

I went out and looked at my clutch from SNG. There are no spacers and the graphite bearing is pinned. Jeremy at SNG told me they haven’t had any problems with the bearing for over two years, and the new roller bearing is unavailable, and may not be available again.

If that’s a verbatim quote from the instructions might B&B have a generic set of instructions that also covers the 10” coil spring pressure plate clutch? Clearly you pressure plate is of the diaphragm type, not coil springs.

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Andy, this is a project I started over 20 years ago. The new clutch has been collecting collecting dust in my garage for that long. Time is finally allowing me to get back to it! I cannot remember where I bought it.

Tapped, thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t even notice the word coil, just saw the red paint and became very confused.