Clutch slave intake pipe S1

Im trying ti modify the clutch slave intake line so it fits on the bottom of the cylinder…seems thar the flares are different on the two ends of the pipe…went to a hot rod shop and they could not duplicate …one is a double bubble i think and the upper one is different…any ideas on this??

Buy a flaring tool and do it yourself.

There’s no particular difficulty in making the bubble flares. I make all my own lines and they don’t leak.

Peter unless you are hellbent on doing this ….bleeding the slave is not difficult …the trick to get all the air out is to hold the piston at the far end of its travel whilst having the fluid pumped through and shutting off the bleeder with the pump at the end of the stroke and then letting the piston draw in further fluid as you let the piston go to its natural position.

The top hole of the slave is machined for a double flare while the bottom hole is tapered to receive the bleeder screw.


The car uses two types of flares one is a bubble flare and the other is a double flare there seems to be no rime or reason too which . They may have been standard when the car was new but not anymore at least on my car. One line can have different flares at each end
I now look in or at the fitting to confirm which ,don’t rely on the lines you remove even if there not leaking . A tool to do the flares is about 75$ dont do them in steel there to hard to form use Nicosil. Its fun to make them up take your time and bend them around a large socket or such