Clutch xk 120 OTS 1954

Hello together
I’m struggling with the clutch left hand side right now! As you can see in the PDF I have two clutch levers. The upper I bought as original XK120 LHD. the lower was mounted. I suspect that the lower one is for an XK140?! If this is true I would also have the wrong drive shaft because the nose for the wedge would be at the wrong position on the lever side to clutch shaft drive.
Do any of you know the exact difference between the two driveshafts XK120 and XK140.
Before I look for something in the market I need to be sure I am correct.

Can you open the PDF?
Kupplungshebel.pdf (176.3 KB)

Thanks for your help
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This is the lever and linkage for LHD XK120.
clutch linkage 002

I never noticed before, but there are 8 different clutch pedal shafts between XK120 and XK140.



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Hello Rob

Yes so far it is clear for me. The lever is clear but the drive shaft is not because the key in the shaft on the drive fork side is exactly opposite and would be horizontal when installed. So the clutch drive shaft can not be driven. He would have to be installed vertically downwards, but then the groove and he wedge no longer fit with the lever arm of the foot pedal.

On your pictures you can see badly whether the groove on the fork drive side was equipped with a wedge or whether it was only pressed with the screw. Look at the third picture from you! The groove does not fit on the fork or am I not seeing this correctly?

The two grooves on my drive shaft are180° opposite. According to your photos, it should be but 90 ° offset so that one groove looks forward (foot pedal arm) and the other down (fork drive to the clutch shaft).

Therefore, I ask myself the question whether I have the wrong shaft.

Kupplungswelle.pdf (323.8 KB)

Yes, that is correct. The Woodruff key slots are opposite to the clamp bolts.
Here is a new picture. The slot is forward.

Here is the best picture I have of the C.3260 Lever on Clutch Pedal Shaft
clutch linkage 003
It is hard to see, but the slot for the Woodruff key is on the bottom, opposite to the bolt.

So I think you have the wrong shaft.
You could have a machine shop cut a new key slot at 90 degrees.

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Hello Rob
Then I have recognized that correctly. I’ll get myself a real shaft. Thanks Rob you are a reliable support :slight_smile:

Because of the photos upload I have already spoken with Gunner. There is something wrong with my settings or I am really too stupid. It always pulls the file purely but only as PDF. Photos do not go why I do not know yet.