Coachline pinstriping

Hey everyone. Looking for some help with specs for my 1996 XJ6 coachline (pinstripe) painting. I remodeled it with a new spindrift white paint job but forgot to take pictures of the coachline before taking it off. I seem to remember 2 parallel black stripes maybe 1/16in each with a white space in between. Any help with pictures or factory specs for the correct measurements would be great. Thx!

x308’s have a single line painted on, along the top
Above the bump strips is a double stick on coach line

The pin strips are hand painted on the x300, and the colour depends on the base colour.

There is a single strip where you have indicated, but also a double line on the doors, extending onto the front wing, which is just above the rubbing protection. At least that is how it is on my XJR6

Thanks for the quick replies gents! I really appreciate it.

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Here’s pics from my 1997 XJ6 VP. The car is 100% original with 37,000 miles;therefore, I am sure these are from the factory hand painted!

Thanks for the info and picture Richard. Appreciate the help.