Code p1228 car will not start

i have a code P1228 coming up on my 1996 xk8 
its says  mechanical guard circuit. 
the car turns over fast sounds like it may start
sounds like its not getting fuel.could this code be
something to 
do with petrol pump,if so 
how do i find the pump,
or is it the oxygen sensor.

The fuel pump is in the petrol tank

You have issues with your throttle assy.
BORE WASH might also be an issue.

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I did think it was bore wash.took out petrol pump fuse.
Also tried foot to the floor.
Was going to take all plugs out and leave for a while.

When I worked at the dealer we routinely had to get X100 and X308 engines to start by pulling the sparking plugs and pour a little motor oil in the cylinders to regain compression.

It will SMOKE when the engine does start so be warned!

Most of the time you can crank continuously for a while with the throttle at FULL OPEN to cut off fueling and then fluctuate the throttle until it starts.

We got pretty good at getting the engines started without adding oil but every few weeks one would come into the shop needing the cylinders ‘oiled’.

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Thanks will take plugs out soon.
So you don’t think the 1228 is petrol pump or oxygen sensor ???

THANKS for your help,not got
rid of me yet,he 8 plugs
out,were wet how long is it best to
wait for it to dry out.and put plugs
back you think i should put
the oil in the cylinders??
i put reader on car again it also
said p1229 as well as p1228.

DTC guide for you. The DTCs are THROTTLE related.

I would get a good-used throttle and replace the faulty one.

AJ26_1997.pdf (92.9 KB)

I have already changed that recently and car was running good once I changed it.
In fairness it hasn’t been on the road for a couple of years as bought it on eBay as a second xk8 to play with.
Had welding and lots of other bits.
So how long shall I leave it to dry out.and should I put oil in pots???

I would add a ‘good-squirt’ of motor oil to each cylinder and spin the engine over with the plugs OUT.
Then install them, start the engine and hold your breath (or run upwind) until the smoke clears.

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got it started like you said smokey.running rough saying
code po335 crankcase position sensor A circuit.
says it/they are situated on the front of the engine???
see 2 things on front are these the ones and if so which one is a circuit??
look a bit rusty and plugs look a bit difficult to get off.
what do you think

The CKPS is located on the rear of the structural sump at the engine BELLHOUSING.(behind the steering rack)

CKPS disconnected

CKPS gap incorrect / foreign matter on sensor face

CKPS sensing circuit open circuit, short circuit
to ground, short circuit to high voltage

CKPS failure

The AJ26 CKPS has a long harness connector located near the A/C compressor.

Check the harness connector?

THANKS again,had a look could not see anything.
is it something that i would have to get at from
under the car.have you any pics please.

[quote=“motorcarman, post:13, topic:430353, full:true”]
The AJ26 CKPS has a long harness connector located near the A/C compressor.

Hello i am now getting a code p1367
i did find ckps in a sightly different place
i did get one saying it was the oxygen sensor
which i got under the car and could not find them
thought they were into the cats…but not there.

(ignition module 1) – Limits engine speed to 3000 rpm
Ignition module 1 to ECM circuits open circuit,
short circuit to ground or short circuit to B+ voltage

Ignition module 1 disconnected
Ignition module 1 ground circuit fault
Ignition coil relay failure
Ignition coil open / short circuit
Ignition module 1 failure