Codes P2187& P2189 revisted

I have persistent check engine codes P2187 & P2189 indicating lean fuel at idle in both banks of my 2015 XF V6 super charged engine. Has anyone else had these codes and what did you do to eliminate them? Everything I have tried has not worked. I have cleaned the throttle body chambers, checked for air leaks in the cold air intakes, used injector cleaner, restricted cold air intake hoping to improve air vs fuel ratio, all to no avail. Can anyone advise the location of the sensor that is generating these codes? I have been unsuccessful in trying to locate a shop manual, or at least an electrical schematic for the XF Jaguar.
Thank you in advance for any advice you may have. RonW

Have you checked the o2 sensor(s)?

Unless they show a CODE, what is there to check.

I would be inclined to back probe them to see that they are working in the correct range regardless of a code being thrown or not, can’t do any damage and removes one variable.

I am not familiar with a procedure to “back probe”, especially if they have never thrown a code. Thanks for your input. RonW

Even if you don’t use it to check the o2 sensor its always good to have another arrow in the quiver :slight_smile:

Thanks, Robin; I have done that a number of times. I have just never heard it referred to as: “back probe”. RonW

I’d immediately be looking at the MAF sensors on your car. They fail somewhat commonly on these cars and can trigger rich or lean conditions. It might even be worth trying to spray some electrical sensor cleaner on them to see if there is a change.