Cold start problem with x-type jaguar

Hello…I’m the owner of a 2003 x-type jaguar 3.0 . It has 189,ooo miles…been a great car…Upon this year heading into Michigan Cold Weather…while reaching 36 degrees the Jag is struggling to start Correctly…kinda like an old School l v-8 4 barrel carb with a bad Choke… so I’m new to Forums…I cant find any info on a Cold Part for this Car… I replace the Map Sensor with a new 1 , but no change on my Prognosis…
any Ideas??

I’m surprised. My 04 wagon starts very reliably at 0 F (-20 C) or lower. I’ve never plugged it in, in the 3 years I’ve had it. I don’t know where the block heater cord is. Have the spark plugs ever been replaced?

Plugs were done 2017

It might be the coolant temperature sensor?
Look into that area.