Collapsed Fuel Tank

Just traveled from Auckland down to Wellington, I expected to make it on one tank but had to fill up 150klms short. I had filled the tank prior to leaving but when I filled up it would only take 47 litres? I am sure the tank should take about 60-65 from empty? Has any body heard/suffered from a collapsed FT?

Have you suffered from excessive vacuum (load hiss) when you have opened the fuel cap? If so then yes, you could have a collapsed tank. If not, then it’s probably a faulty fuel pump cutting off to early!

Thanks Pete, no hiss and I have noticed that it has been short filling but hadn’t taken too much notice, only had the car for <> 4 weeks so I’m discounting the faulty fuel bowser as these have been in different parts of the country.
Could well have suffered the vacuum with the previous owner.