[collectibles] Autojumble USA and Uk this week end- Jaguar dealership sign

I plan on attending the show in Carisle PA this Friday. Not set up as a
vendor, but like to shop for parts, automobilia, etc. In past years,
could have people cleaning out there extra parts, etc. Now the show has
Kit car and related vendors. I would like to go to UK and do the
Beaulieu show in the future.

I maintain a wanted list for wilmot breeden keys, and have FNR #5 in T
or rectangle head on my wanted list. If you attend the show, contact me
off the list for add’l information. I am located in Ellicott City, MD
USA. If you are looking for a part, I know several vendor who provide
Jaguar parts, will be glad to inquiry on your behalf.

I still have my Jaguar sign, and is available for sale. Can bring to
the show on Friday. Picture sent on request. May put in the Auction for
Hershey PA show in Oct. Pete Groh (KeyGuy)

Friday, May 19, 2006 - Sunday, May 21, 2006
Import/Kit/Replicar Show
Location: Carlisle Fairgrounds, Carlisle, PA
Contact: None

Spring Motormart and Autojumble: 14th & 15th May 2005
Further details of all Beaulieu�s events can be found at
Beaulieu Motormart Autojumble
Beaulieu Event Fields
20th - 21st May 2006__________________________________________________
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