[collectibles] Blue Star Mini

Hi all,

Speaking recently with a Mini enthusiast, I heard a story
involving Jaguar and a special edition of the Mini (the real
Mini, not the BMW ‘‘Mini’’). The story is a little strange, so
I’m wondering if anyone has evidence to corroborate it:

Apparently, in the early-to-mid 1990s, Jaguar was giving XJs
to their executives as personal cars. The executives’
spouses voiced their desire to get a car as well, and rather
than hand over another batch of XJs, Jaguar commissioned a
small number (260) of a limited-edition Mini called the
‘‘Blue Star’’, all of which were built for model year 1996.
Like most other Mini limited editions, this one had only
cosmetic differences from the normal car (elm wood trim,
blue leather, and decals on the outside.)

I’m skeptical of this story, because, to the best of my
knowledge, all the Blue Stars were made for the German
market. They all seem to be LHD and have kilometer-based
instruments. I would think that the majority of Jaguar
executives would be living in the UK and the US, so that
part doesn’t really make sense.

Also, at the time, the Mini was being built by Rover. Was
there any business relationship between Jaguar and Rover
that would make this story plausible?–
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