[collectibles] Brochure pages update

A few additions over the past month or so, mainly for early stuff, as

SS Cars - 5 brochures/folders from around 1934-36, mostly quite scarce
material, particularly the Dutch language ones. Includes the 1935
prestige catalogue. Does anyone else have non-English language SS
material that isn’t posted?

A pair of original trademark registrations from the US Patents Office
for 1936 for the two main SS Cars Ltd logos. Interesting story behind
how these were obtained (see page).

A copy of Issue 1 of Volume 1 of the rare official ‘SS Magazine’.

The actual order form you’d have filled in if you were buying an XJ220,
you had to attach a cheque for at least GBP 50,000 though!

The first poster I’ve seen out of Jaguar Racing. This one came with the
official Gold Club membership pack which also includes a Jaguar Racing
flag, shirt, cap, mouse mat and other bits, all in a nice illustrated
BRG box. They appear to be about to produce more posters looking at
their web site ( http://www.jaguar-racing.com/ )but no actual listings

A signed letter from Stirling Moss (1954) to a fan with a pic of his

A 1928 Swallow Sidecars catalogue

And a leaflet announcing the Jaguar 1953 Le Mans win.

Is there anything else anyone would particularly like to see scanned
(assuming I’ve got it!)?

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